FLISAT Children's Sensory Table, 32 5/8x22 7/8" - IKEA (2024)

Product details

This children’s desk becomes both a practical place for arts and crafts, as well as a useful storage solution, if completed with TROFAST storage boxes in different sizes and colors.

With TROFAST storage boxes underneath the lids, it’s easy for your child to reach their toys – and clean up in a jiff!


S Fager/J Karlsson


Length:32 5/8 "

Width:22 7/8 "

Height:18 7/8 "


Sand/activity table yes!LeahPurchased to be used as an activity table with stools and the small trofast boxes that fit inside. Love the storage and overall style paired with function. Perfect size for tea parties with our toddler as well. Assembly was quick and required minimal tools, I think only a Philips head screwdriver was required.5

panacea product ☺️Zeynep GamzeDefinitely a must have product for children. There is no need to even mention the quality because it is amazing.5

Rickety and wobblyGraceThe legs are rickety and the whole thing has a slight wobble. Wish the construction was better. I do love the bin feature for sensory play.3

Decent table but the lids aren’t good qualityKristenCute table but the lids came chipped & in not great shape. 3

Good play tableShibaniIn love with this table! It will me 5 minutes to install it. Works great for sensory play and for regular play and reading time. The covers are not waterproof; so I wouldn't use this as a weaning table. Also, I'm not sure how much resilient the pine frame is to big messes such as the ones from painting time. Only time will tell. I did expect the quality to be better, considering the price; but overall not bad.4

Easy to assembleEminenceI got this table to use for my children’s craft and art work! We’ve been able to use the table nonstop. It is good quality and decent size for my 3 young kids, ages 5, 2, and under 1. We’ve added Trofast bins to help us store our craft utensils, paints, crayons, as well as some play-dough. We definitely like it.5

WonderfulDonnaPerfect size easy to assemble5

Sensory tableAlexFinally was able to snag one and so glad I did! Waited almost 6 months for it to come back in stock and definitely worth the wait. Now I just need the stools to come back in stock!5

Simple table with storage but no finish on itGinaSo far, we like the Flisat table. It was easy to put together and is the perfect size for our 3 year old. We are not thrilled that this table does not have any finish on the wood as we feel that our child cannot eat at it or paint/do art at it without a tablecloth to protect it from getting stained. We like that it has storage under the table top. If you want your choke to be able to eat at it/do art, be prepared to paint and seal it.4

Perfect little tableKarenGrandkids love it!5

Great table for my grandsonLesaWe bought this for our two-year-old grandson. His mother has experience as a preschool teacher. And she was familiar with the product from her teaching. She is thrilled with it, she was able to put it together. No problem. And our grandson loves it. We did get the inserts in the clear white plastic.5

Sensory TableTheresaI would highly recommend this as a sensory table for children.5

Use as sensory tableElizabethThis is the perfect size and height for our one year old grandson to start to use this as a sensory table! We love it!5

Loved the FLISAT table. It'sIngridLoved the FLISAT table. It's perfect for kids activities and easy to assembly5

Rickety and wobblyGraceThe legs are rickety and the whole thing has a slight wobble. Wish the construction was better. I do love the bin feature for sensory play.3

My kids love it!MaureMy kids love it!5

Flisat table for the winMaysturdy and functional. easiest installation ever, literally is already done for you5

Sensory TableLilianaThis Table is amazing! My daughter loves it and I do too! The possibilities of activities are endless. It is super sturdy and aesthetically pleasing for any room!5

Excellent child’s tableSallySet up was easy. Table is very sturdy. Storage bins are very practical.5

Great qualityMichelleEasy to assemble and resistant.5

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To demonstrate my expertise, let's analyze the information provided in the article about the FLISAT Children's table:

Product Details

The FLISAT Children's desk is designed to serve as a practical space for arts and crafts while also offering storage solutions. It can be complemented with TROFAST storage boxes in various sizes and colors, which can be placed underneath the lids of the desk. This feature allows children to easily access their toys and makes cleaning up a breeze.


The FLISAT Children's desk is designed by S Fager and J Karlsson. These designers are known for their expertise in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture for children.


The table top and legs of the desk are made of solid pine, which provides durability and a natural aesthetic. The wood is coated with a tinted clear acrylic lacquer, which adds protection and enhances the appearance. The lids of the desk are made of molded layers of fiberboard, which are then coated with acrylic paint and clear acrylic lacquer. This combination of materials ensures the desk is sturdy and easy to clean.


To clean the FLISAT Children's desk, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Afterward, wipe it dry with a clean cloth. This maintenance routine helps to keep the desk in good condition and prolong its lifespan.

Assembly Instructions

The FLISAT Children's desk comes with assembly instructions that guide users through the process. According to a reviewer, the assembly is quick and requires minimal tools, typically only a Philips head screwdriver.


The desk has a length of 32 5/8 inches, a width of 22 7/8 inches, and a height of 18 7/8 inches.


The article includes several reviews from customers who have purchased and used the FLISAT Children's desk. Most reviews are positive, with customers expressing satisfaction with the desk's functionality and storage options. Some customers mention concerns about the quality of the construction, such as wobbling legs and chipped lids. However, overall, the desk receives positive feedback.

Based on the information provided, the FLISAT Children's desk appears to be a well-designed and functional piece of furniture for children. It offers a practical workspace for arts and crafts, with the added benefit of storage solutions. The use of solid pine and acrylic coatings ensures durability and easy maintenance. While some reviewers mentioned minor construction issues, the majority of customers are satisfied with the desk's quality and performance.

FLISAT Children's Sensory Table, 32 5/8x22 7/8" - IKEA (2024)
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