37 Personal Purpose Statement Examples & Ideas for 2023 (2023)

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So much of life has gone by an, yet, Istill have so much more Iwant to accomplish.I want people to know what I stand for and that I made a difference.

Have you ever felt like this? Like youneed a roadmap for your life?

Well, a personal purpose statementis that roadmap.

In this post, I'lloffer 37 personal purpose statement examples and tips that willhelp you write your own.

But first, let's start with a simple definition.

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What is a Personal Purpose Statement?

A personal purpose statement defines what you want to accomplish in life.It gives youdirection to accomplish what's important to youas itreflectswhat you stand for, your goalsandcore values.

It's also commonly referred to as a personal mission statement, and isusually onlyone to two sentences long.

Think of it as your motto — even your brand. Once written, you can make sure your decisions and actions are in linewithcarryingout this purpose.

Benefits of Personal Purpose Statement

As humans, we are a product of our environment. We often take on thevalues and beliefs of our parents or whoever raised us,our current life situation… and can even be influenced to a certain degree bysociety at large.

A personal purpose statement requires youtofocus on your values, beliefs, goals, and purpose in life. You'll have tothink aboutwhat's reallyimportant to you… not someone else.It'sa self-discovery process.It helps you realize who you are.

Coming up with apersonal purpose statement requires you to realizeyour skills, talents, likes and dislikes.You may surprise yourself and arrive at a whole new level of self-appreciation.

As you're thinking about where you want to get to, you'll also consider where you are currently. It makes you mindful of what you have now, how you got it, and the people who played a role in that journey.This can give you a sense of gratefulness.

Once written, you can refer to this statement as a guide to making lifedecisions.It will help you know how to spend your time, and possibly even what professional and personalnetworks to build.

With your power statement, you'll know exactly what you want out of life and what you would like to contributeto the world. You'll know what you want your legacy to be.

It's thatroadmap I mentioned earlier. If you know you're trying to get to Detroit from Atlanta, you're not going to go in the direction of Florida. So, it not only helps you decide what direction to go in, ithelps you know what not to do as well.It keeps you on track.

Once your statement is written, you can center all of your decisions on making it happen.

You can avoid wasting your time making decisions and carrying out behaviorsthat donot provide what you really want out of life and want to contribute to the world.

For example, your statementcan help you decide which classes to take in school, which job to choose, what projects or promotions to pursueat work and even where to live.

It helps you realize who you are and stick to it, no matter what someone else may be doing or trying to persuade you to do.

I think most would agree that saying no can be hard. Your statement gives you something to refer to when you're on the fence about a decision or action.

You won't have to try and figure out on the spur of the moment if you should say no.Just think about or read your mission statement. Will saying yes bring you closer toitsmanifestation?

One of the most important things your personal purpose statement can do ishelp you continue to soldier forward,even in the face of adversities and set-backs.

It can be your guide to happiness. Once you know your purpose, you know what fulfills and completes you. You can always refer to it when things get hard or seem futile.

It keeps you hungry for your purpose because it's a constant reminder. Check out these personal purpose statement examples from successfulpeople.

You're on your way to being amongst the great!

How to Create a Personal Purpose Statement

Start by brainstorming. This means you’ll need to considerall ideas and exclude nothing.Once you've documented all of your thoughts… you can go back and eliminate, modify, and polish for your final statement.

Here are some things to think about andask yourself:

Write down what's most important to you, what you value, andwhat you're passionate about. What are you for and what are you against?

Who are you? Who do you want to be?

What are your talents and strengths?

How do you want to change the world or what do you want your impact to be on the world?

What would you like others to say about you when you're no longer here? What do you want your legacy to be?

What are your professional and personal goals?

What do you need to accomplish your purpose, goals, or to become the person you want to be? Do you need aspecific degree orskill?

Who are the people you want to affect? Who are the most important individuals to you,and how do they fit in with your life purpose, values, beliefs, desired legacy?

This article gives you ninelife purpose examples that canhelp you realize what's most important to you.

Make your statement affirmative. Write what you want, not what you don't want. Most statements are writtenin thepresent tense, but I've seen some written in future tense,too.

It might sound like a daunting task to reduce your whole purpose on this earth to one to two sentences, but think of it as a guide or overarching statement. It's your umbrella.

Don't worry orthink about the details of how you're going to get it. Now is the time to think about what you really want to achieve.

If these starter questions aren't enough, thisDevelopgoodhabits.com articlegoes into more depth and will help youthink more deeply.

The following personal purpose statementexamples willhelp you get started.

37 Personal Purpose Statement Examples and Ideas

Some of these are one-size-fits-all. Change a word or two to fit your purpose, or exchange the field used in the examplefor yours. For instance,“Toprovide legal services … ,” could be, “Toprovidesocial services,educational services, or healthcare services.”

1. To motivate and inspire others to live a life where they are mentally and physically healthy, and have peace and contentment.

2. I am dedicated to working on behalf of children, to bring them the resources they need for ahealthy and prosperous present and future life.

3. To bring more convenient and functional technology to the world that will improve the quality of life.

4. Tolead by example, personifying myvalues of kindness, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, and hard work.

5. To bring joy to the world through music and lyrics that inspire.

6. I want to instill in others the self-love and confidence that gives them the self-efficacy to excel and make their dreams come true.

7. Tolive each day to the fullest and appreciate, as well as learn and grow fromevery experience.

8. To play a significant role in creating a company culture where allworkersfeel appreciated, so that they feel like their time with the company is a worthwhileinvestment inthemselves,their families, and their future.

9. Touse my cooking skills to bring families and individuals nutritious, tasty food options.

10. To appreciate and enjoy my familyevery day, by making decisions that put their best interests first.

11. To create communication devices that free individuals up to spend more quality, in-person time with loved ones. I want to make devices that foster more work-life balance.

12. To embrace my God-given talent, work hard to cultivate and enhance it, and be the best at what I do.

13. Toput forth the effort, discipline, and all that it takes to excel and be the best athlete.

14. To gain the knowledge necessary to educate others on how to become financiallyindependent, and empower individualswith that knowledge.

15. Toteach children about nutrition, the short and long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and how to start and maintain such alifestyle.

16. To provide healthcare and hope to the suffering and their loved ones.

17. Toprovide legal services that reduce social injustices and otherdisparities that exist due to the status quo.

18. Toprovide legal services thatgive the disenfranchised and marginalized a voice.

19. To create materials, services, or products that help girls and women achieve and maintain a healthyself-esteem.

20. To empower marginalized young men by giving them the resources they need to overcome racial, educational, political, and socioeconomic barriers and injustices.

21. To participate in the creation and enactment of laws that reduces the number of women and children negatively impacted by domestic violence.

22. Tomake the world a better place for individuals with special needs, by participating in initiatives that focus on inclusivity and strengths recognition.

23. Iwant to treat others as I want to be treated,forgive freely, and embrace and appreciate commonalities and differences. I want to be remembered as someone who brought more peace, understanding, and love to the world.

24. To lead by example and be the loving, caring, forgiving human being God intended. To love my neighbor as I love myself and as God loves.

25. To be a parent who meetsmy children'sneeds. Toteachand showthem that success is about being the best person you can be,treating everyone as you wish to be treated, and doing what makes you happy.

26. Tomake sure the world always has transportation that is safe, reliable, and accessible.

27. To build infrastructures that improve communities and the quality of life.

28. To design transportation systems that put products in consumers'hands faster and more economically.

29. To work with and serve the elderly in a way thatmakes them feel valued, needed, and like an integral part of a thriving society.

30. Toserve in a role where I identify the most vulnerable, and work to bring them resources that will help them gain physiological security.

31. To touch the world with my art, and be an outlet for others to express or feel that someone else is expressing their true vulnerabilities and feelings. My art will do more than entertain, it will make people feel supported andunderstood.

32. To achieve the education required to serve the purpose God intended for me. With that education, I will give back to society generously, and remarkably leave the world in some concrete way better than it was before my contribution.

33. I want to be an educator who helps students see learning as a fun part of their life that they look forward to experiencing.

34. To be a father who raises sons to be caring, loving, respectful, responsiblemen, protective of their loved ones, and daughters to be caring, loving, respectful, responsible women who know their value and will not compromise it.

35. To be the bestwife, mother, and professional, successful at creating a secure, loving life for my family and myself.

36. To look at challengesor failures as stepping stones placed in my path so that when I do realize my full potential —my purpose —that purposewill be that much greater, better, and appreciated.To be a positive presence to others, to help them view life in the same way.

37. I want to approach life with a spirit of happiness, laughter, and forgiveness.

Final Thoughts on Personal Purpose Statement Examples

This article was designed to inspire you to go after all you seek in life. All you want to do, see and be.

These ideas and templates are designed to get your personal-mission-statement wheels turning… so don't worry if you don't see yourself represented in every example.

If you're feelinglike you can't capture your purpose in one statement, that'sokay, too. You're defining you and your path on this earth. Your reason for being is unique, and youcan have more than one!

Or, it may be that all of the personal purpose statement examples in the world won’t help… because you’re still struggling to find your why. If you feel you are in that situation, read this article on five stepsfor people struggling with their why.

There are also actionable steps you can take to help you find your purpose. Things like practicing mindfulness, self-care and journaling can work wonders to help you get to the bottom of things.

Finally, if you want to increase your happiness and life satisfaction, then watch this free video that details the 7-minute habit for planning your day to focus on what's important.

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