Gel Kits

A proper manicure is essential for every lady irrespective of whether it is done at home or in a beauty salon. When your nails are well done, they not only enhance your general appearance but also your self -- confidence. This ultimately translates to a satisfactory life. But can nails have such great impact on your life? Well, when your self-confidence and worth is high, you can achieve anything. If you are looking for a great partner for your nail needs, then SensatioNail is your best option.

What type of products do they provide?

The range of products include a variety of gel nail polish for different occasions, polish removal products and kits, gel starter kits, gel nail accessories and nail art. They also include chrome nails, nail treatment products and gel nail essentials. The gel nail polish comes in a variety of hues ranging from nude colours to bright luminous colours in order to suit people with different tastes and preferences.

Do we provide worldwide shipping?

At the moment, delivery is only available within the United Kingdom. However, we are working towards ensuring that shipping services are available to other countries all over the world in order for more people to enjoy our amazing and time saving products.

Why should you pick SensesatioNail over other brands?

All your gel polish needs can be serviced at SensatioNail which makes it a convenient one stop shop for your needs. Besides, shopping online ensures that you can check out and order products at any time. This is ideal for those with busy schedules and can only spare a few minutes for their shopping.

We have a high number of stockists in order to ensure that your favourite gel nail products and kits can be accessed from a location near your home or office and within the shortest period of time. These stockists are spread all over the United Kingdom.

We also ensure that all our products are of the greatest quality to ensure that your nails remain in excellent condition. The polish allows you to achieve that high end glossy look without necessarily spending extravagantly. Besides this, the polish can be applied from the comfort of your home or office minimising the amount of time spent commuting to and from the salon as well as waiting time common in most busy salons.

A cancellation policy that runs for 28 days after you receive your order is hard to beat in the market. The policy was instituted to ensure that all clients get ample time to cancel their orders for a full refund if the products have not been used yet. This ensures that as a client, you get value for your money and that if you change your mind about the order, you do not get stuck with products that you will never use.

What offers do they have on?

There are numerous offers on SensatioNail range from lower process for your favourite gel polish, starter kits, removal kits and fluids. This way, you can try out different hues and art without exceeding your budget. New offers are posted on the website often and therefore, you should make it a habit to stop by as regularly as possible.